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The formation of Blackhall Engineering in 1965 marked the beginning of an ongoing commitment to design and manufacture special purpose valves to the customer's exact requirements.

The breadth of our experience and resulting products over this period has encompassed services from high pressure/temperature applications to cryogenics and our valves have been used to control fluids from service air to liquid helium, from fuel oil to crude and from boiler-feed water to superheated steam.

Within our design parameters, we strive to provide our customers with longevity in the product and ease of on-site maintenance. We also help to keep our customer's operating costs to a minimum by providing a full spares service and reconditioning facility for our own and other manufacturer's products.



Blackhall Engineering

Cryogenic Valves


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The Blackhall range of Cryogenic Valves has been accepted globally throughout the international Cryogenic Industrial Gas Industry.

The Blackhall line of cryogenic valves are used in the manufacturing, storage and transportation of all cryogenic fluids. As a company Blackhall has committed considerable resources and investment into design, manufacturing and cleanroom facilities to ensure that they can maintain their excellence to the Cryogenic Industry.

Blackhall Engineering now leads the way in cutting edge Cryogenic Valve Technology. Our Research and Development programs continually pioneer the use of new engineering materials with a great emphasis on safety and longevity.

The line of Blackhall Cryogenic Valves includes:

  • Globe Valves
  • Gate Valves
  • Check Valves
  • Other Cryogenic Valve Types.




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