Titanium and Exotic Alloy Globe Valve


Anderson Brooksbank, USA L.L.C. is a sales rep for Blackhall Engineering, Blackhall-Brooksbank, Ltd and Brooksbank Valves.

The formation of Blackhall Engineering in 1965 marked the beginning of an ongoing commitment to design and manufacture special purpose valves to the customer's exact requirements.

The breadth of their experience and resulting products over this period has encompassed services from high pressure/temperature applications to cryogenics and their valves have been used to control fluids from service air to liquid helium, from fuel oil to crude and from boiler-feed water to superheated steam.

Within their design parameters, they strive to provide their customers with longevity in the product and ease of on-site maintenance. They also help to keep their customer's operating costs to a minimum by providing a full spares service and reconditioning facility for their own and other manufacturer's products.

With Blackhall Engineering’s experience in the field of special purpose valves and the expertise of Brooksbank Valves in Titanium and other exotic alloyed ball valves the joint venture company designs and produces a complete range of valve products for specialist exotic material applications.

Brooksbank Valves has been manufacturing quality valves for over forty years. They are still a family owned independent company and they design the valves they make.

From their conception in 1953, Brooksbank Valves has produced aluminum screwdown valves, piston valves, manifold valves and top entry valves for naval markets. Later they developed a range of straightway and three way plug vlaves, fire hydrant valves and non-return/stop vavles in non-ferrous materials.

In the early 1970s the Brooksbank Valves product range was further extended to include three piece and top entry ball valves for ships and submarines.

Brooksbank Valves are suppliers of valves to navies in the UK, Europe, South America and Australia. Brooksbank's top entry ball valves and three way plug valves are supplied and fitted on the Vanguard Class Trident submarine programme.

With changing markets they have evolved; Brooksbank now manufactures single piece valves for the oil industry, and wafter ball, three piece and top entry ball valves in titanium for end users in the oil, gas, chemical, naval and wastewater treatment industries.

Manufacturing Facilities

They began investing in CNC manufacturing technology in the early 1980's. Since then they have progressively increased their investment so that they can continue to provide excellent quality at shorter delivery times.

Their factory in Skipton is equipped with 2-axis and 3-axis CNC machines, bar feed and automatic lathes.

The individual testing of every valve is carried out on their range of high precision hydraulic and pneumatic testing rigs.

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance system is assessed to BS EN ISO 9001. All materials and finished valves are fully certified in accordance with DIN 50 049 3.1B on request.

In addition to normal measurement and pressure tests, there are facilities for dye penetrant testing by personnel qualified to ASME V SE165 Liquid Penetrant Inspection Standard. For testing to the highest standards of 1st level quality assurance, complete traceability of parts and individual valve build and certification sheets can be supplied.

Anderson-Brooksbank, USA, LLC
P.O. Box 38694
Greensboro, NC 27438
Phone: 336-944-5702
E-Mail: info@brooksbankvalvesusa.com

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